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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Blood of Jesus Prayer

There might be variants of this prayer, this original is in Spanish and long, I translated into english.

Blood of Christ prayer to cut off curses.

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, my savior, my redeemer,

by the power of his precious blood, which he shed for my salvation, and of his holy cross, where he died for my redemption,

I break from today and forever the chains that keep me from moving forward and progressing.

By the power of the most precious blood of Christ, I release and dissolve all the envy, curse, spell, black magic, witchcraft that has affected my wealth.

Whether because of the evil of my enemies or because of the sins and injustices of my ancestors,           I release all the evil that may be preventing the economic blessings that all merciful God has for me.

I wash with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ all the spiritual, mental or physical contamination that has fallen on my wealth, on what I have or can have, or because of sins that they have committed with my goods, the people who they gave them to me, or those that I, consciously or unconsciously, committed myself to.

I invoke the Divine providence, in my inheritance, in my goods,

I invoke God's divine protection over what I have and what I can have, so that the Father's blessing may multiply it, and make it a prosperous performance, and, with an open and sincere heart,

I am committed from this moment on to be more charitable to others and to give alms, according to my possibilities, to the most needy.

Finally, I call the Most Holy Virgin Mary the administrator of all my belongings, of which I have or can have, so that with them I can reach the eternal wealth of her Son's kingdom.

May the power of the blood of Christ wash everything around me and cover me today and forever.

So be it.

Lord Jesus, my brother and friend, cover me with your blessed blood shed on the Holy Cross, and for his infinite merits, the intercession of your Blessed Mother and all the Saints and Angels,

I ask to protect myself from all evil and all the power of the evil one,

cut everything that hurts me, for me and all my friends and family, and allow well-being to reach us.

O Jesus, ward off all evil sent, stay with me, in my heart, open my ways for well-being and fortune, and give me your blessing, your peace and your love.


Pray three Our Father,

Three Hail Marys and three Glories.

Prayer and prayers are done with devotion and with great faith and hope, for at least three consecutive days.

Before saying the prayer it is advisable to burn incense, it can be in grains, dust or stick, and pass the smoke through the house and yourself, to clean and purify.

On the last day, light a dark green or white candle.

Português aqui.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Merry Christmas


Saturday, October 31, 2020

Halloween Spells

Halloween Spells


To attract Money:

It must be done in a place of silence and must be extremely focused on your desire.

Take a irgin candle and a very thin dagger. Write your wish on the candle with the tip of the dagger, light the candle and let it burn until the end. The candle should not be extinguished until it has burnt completely.

Don't forget: it is very important that during the whole process you stay focused on desire, so there can be no distraction.

To have Wealth:

Take a magnet and divide it into seven small pieces. Place it in a bottle with half a liter of mineral oil and a quarter of a spoon of iron shavings.

Cap the bottle tightly and leave it in the sun for seven days, but collect it as soon as the sun goes down and place it again as soon as the first rays of sunlight appear.

At the end of the seven days, put the oil in seven small dark-colored vials and apply a drop of this oil to each note you take in your hand. This process must be done until the seven bottles are out of oil.

To fulfill your Wishes:

This witch magic is known as the seven candle magic. It is very simple to do, just follow the steps below:

On the night of Halloween light seven candles, one red, one blue, one yellow, one rose, one green, one orange and one white, (they can be lit each in a saucer) and place seven orders.

Write each order on a piece of paper and place it under each dish. During the ritual, pray the spell and mentalize your desires. When they are completely burned, put everything together and throw it in the woods. The dishes can be reused.

To have corresponding love:

This magic to do on Halloween requires more elaborate preparation. Therefore, make sure that you have all the items needed for its realization.


An apple, bee honey, seven pieces of cinnamon stick, seven toothpicks, pink paper, a pencil, pink paper bag and a knife. You should do it in a location close to a rose bush.


Cut the apple in half, and separate the seeds. Spend a lot of honey on one part of the apple (inside). On the pink paper, write the name, birth date and zodiac sign of the loved one.

Place the paper in half of the apple with honey and put the two parts back together. Stick the seven sticks in it, so that they are joined by the sticks. That done, bury the apple at the foot of the rose bush.

Take the apple seeds and cinnamon and place them in the pink paper bag. Store inside your wardrobe. Spend all the time mentalizing your loved one.

Sílvio Guerrinha

este post em Português

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Job protection spell

Materials: 3-pointed crystal, a white dish.

Take a three-pronged crystal, wash it very well under running water, rubbing coarse salt in it, then put it to dry in the sunlight, inside a white dish. At the end of the day, before the sun goes down, take it and leave it under your pillow. The next day, when you get up, take it with you to work and place it on your desk or workplace. You will see how the crystal had attracted positive energies to your work environment.

Sílvio Guerrinha

Versão Portuguesa

Three Churches Spell

This portuguese  religious magic is very old and is associated with a ritual that symbolically reinforces your faith and your psyche, in addition to invoking divine protection.
To get rid of evil eyes and curses.

On a Monday, go to a church and say an Our Father and Hail Mary. Light one on the altar and let it burn, making a request to the saints that with the burning candle, they burn their misfortune. Then, go to another church and repeat everything, only praying two Our Father and two Avé Marias, lighting two candles. Finally, go to a third church, repeat the ritual, saying three Our Father and three Avé Marias, lighting three candles.

Sílvio Guerrinha

Versão Portuguesa

Sachet for good Luck

3 red rose petals, 3 coins, 3 rue leaves. White tissue.

On a full moon Friday, as soon as the moon rises, take three petals of a red rose, three coins of the same value and three leaves of rue. Put everything in the palm of your right hand and go to the moon with the following request:

"Full moon, Nnamará, which is shining in the sky, I ask you more luck in love, please, in finances, in health, in hope, in virtue. Look at me, Nnamará, don't let me beg, in your power I trust, in my luck I get tired. May my cup overflow and the dream never wake up! "

After ordering, let the rose petals and rue leaves dry for seven days. Make a sachet with a white silk fabric (patuá) and put everything inside it. Always carry the sachet with you.

Translated from Brazilian magick.

Sílvio Guerrinha

Versão Portuguesa

Fig Tree spell

Plant a fig tree (Ficus carica). For each branch that grows, name it with a specific type of luck that you want to manifest. Take good care of this tree and always be the first to eat the first fig that ripens each year.

Sílvio Guerrinha

Versão Portuguesa

Money spell

Red fabric sachet (patuá), 7 coins, vase, plants, 7 grains of corn, one red pepper.

Bury seven coins of any value in a garden or in a pot with several plants, along with seven grains of corn. Dry and remove the seeds of a red hot pepper. Put them in a red sachet, along with three copper or bronze coins. Always take this amulet (patuá) with you.

Sílvio Guerrinha

Versão Portuguesa

To ward off Bad Luck

Coconut soap, a piece of fabric from your clothes, coarse salt. Red towel/fabric.

Take a bar of coconut soap and a piece of fabric from your old clothes. With a knife, cut pieces of the soap in order to mold it into a human figure that represents you. Sew a small outfit with the fabric of your garment, in order to "dress" the soap doll.

Take a shower, lather the top of your head with this soap and let the foam run through your body. When the bath is finished, rinse by pouring three glasses of water with coarse salt on top of the head. Let the water in the shower fall on you for a while longer, then dry yourself on a red towel.
Take what remains of the soap, "dressed" with the clothes you made, and throw it in a river current or in the sea.

Sílvio Guerrinha

Versão Portuguesa

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Gipsy love Potion

A handful of Rosemary leaves, a pot/cauldron, water, fire or stove,
Something to stir with, 2 teaspoons of Cinnamon, strainer, container.

Take the pot and fill it half way to the top with water. Put the pot on the fire or stove burner. Drop a palmfull of Rosemary leaves in the water. Drop 2 teaspoons of ground Cinnamon in the water. Gently stir while chanting atleast three times

" A handful of Rosemary leaves
For he/she loves me,
A little Cinnamon for spice
For he/she will always be nice."

In about ten minutes: Take the strainer and strain the water into a bowl. Take the water from the bowl and put it In the container. Now sprinkle the mixture on the desired persons food or drizzle into the persons drink, it's just water with a scent of jasmine and cinnamon, it doesn't hurt.

Sílvio Guerrinha

Versão Portuguesa

Attraction spell

An orange candle, marjoram essential oil, metal safe dish, honey, a picture of your intended.

Cast your circle in the usual manner.
Then place the picture of your intended in the dish, cover the photo with some honey, dress (anoint) the candle with the oil and put the candle over the picture.

Light the candle saying:

“By the four posts of my bed
I turn your head,
I turn your head.
By my loins and by my thighs
I draw your eyes,
I draw your eyes."

With marjoram oil, say:

"I make you think of me as I think of you.
I cause you to look at me,
I cause you to look at me
I make you enchanted by what you see.”

Let the candle burn out but use the oil as a perfume until the spell works. You may also draw a trail to you either by touching points (rubbing the oil) on the actual route from your intended’s home to yours, leaving a little to anoint your doorstep.

Sílvio Guerrinha

Versão Portuguesa

John the Conqueror

In Venezuelan spiritism, the court of Don Juans (Johns) is composed of several entities. There is Don Juan of money, of conquest, of light, of paths and others. This prayer is to make a person fall in love. Don Juan conqueror.

«In the name of God, I invoke you, a spirit of dominance, a restless spirit, a spirit of despair, a spirit of don Juan of conqueror, a spirit of love, a spirit of don Juan of the paths, a spirit of Saint John of mines, a spirit of Saint John of the roads , spirit of the four winds, paths and places, spirit of charm, spirit of Saint Martha and Saint Helena, spirit of Horta, spirit of Saint Agnes, spirit of Maria of head, beneficial spirit, I invite you all to help me dominate the five senses, thoughts, judgment, living spirit and will to (say the name of the person to be conquered).

I offer this spell to the holy guardian angel of (person's name).
On the holy day, he was baptized on the day he was born (person's name), the day he was baptized and the day he was to die.

What I am conjuring up (candle or tobacco) is the living spirit body sexual mind member head feet and hands thinking, judgment and will of (person's name). Grant me spirits of the domain that (person's name) I cannot be, nor live in peace, that It cannot eat, sleep, drink or walk without thinking about myself (person's name).
You have to stay at my feet and find yourself lost in love and desire, regretful and humble, flattering me with kisses and caresses, crawling at my feet, pleading and meekly being dedicated to me and calling my name.

With two I see you and with three I tie you up, I break your heart, Christ give me peace. Come (person's name) dominated in the body, thought and will, he/she can no longer look at anyone but me, his/her love and affection are only for my presence.
My appearance is attractive to you, my voice is suggestive, my eyes dominate you, they blind you and my will is yours, so be it, so be it,

You can light a candle and leave a glass of rum as an offering.

Translated directly from a Venezuelan spell.

Sílvio Guerrinha

versão portuguesa

Against fears and uncertainties

A sachet (patuá) of blue fabric, coarse salt, the person's photo.

Put coarse salt and the photo in the sachet (it can be yours, or someone who wants to help). Use around the neck, close to the body, for nine days. On the ninth day, leave the sachet buried under a tree.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Spell for Wealth

3 green candles, one silver or white candle, 1 silver bell, pine oil.

Anoint all 4 candles with pine oil, and set up a triangle with the green candles and the silver one should be in the center. Anoint your hands with a little of the oil as well. Light the green ones, and ring the bell three times. Repeat the following:

Ring, ring, ring
The sound of the bells
Ring, ring, ring
The sound of all wealth
Light the center candle, ring the bells three times again. Say:
Ring, ring, ring
Bring money to me
Ring, ring, ring
By the power of three

Leave all of the candles alone to burn out naturally. Leave their stubs along with the bell on your altar until you see some new money coming into your life.

Persuasion spell

1 red pen, 1 blue pen, a sheet of paper (without lines), something that belongs to the person your trying to persuade (a piece of jewelry, cloth, etc).

Use the blue pen to write the name of the person you wish to persuade on the paper, then draw a pentagram next to the name.

Turn the paper over and write what you want to persuade the person to do with the red pen.

Fold the paper in half twice and hold it over your heart with your left hand. With your right hand hold something that belongs to the person your trying to persuade.


''Ancient God and Goddess i call upon thee
To allow (Name of the Person your trying to persuade) heart and mind to soften towards me
Not to do what i command
but to loosen the grain of sand
so may it be.''

Sleep with the paper under your pillow and repeat the incantation when you wake up.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Pantacle of Mars

This recipe I took from an old formulary of High Magick.

Draw this Mars pantacle, with a red feather (bird feather) and red magic ink (buy in esoteric stores).
You must draw this pantacle on virgin parchment. The time indicated is a Mars hour (for example Saturday at 10 am or 3 am).
Friday at 06:00 in the morning.

See table of magic hours here.

An example of red magic ink (in esoteric stores) can be dragon blood, it has this name and red color because it is produced based on the resin of the Dragon tree (Dracaena).

This parchment pantacle can be used in a pocket or wallet to protect against ambushes, or the law of return from spells you have performed.

Pantacles are symbols that have a magickal or esoteric meaning. Do not confuse with pentacles that have a more restricted meaning.
They can be drawn or engraved on parchments, skins, or metal talismans. The word Pantacle, of greek origin, is composed of pan (everything, whole) and kleo, which means "honor", or even, "renown".
They symbolize, capture and mobilize, at the same time, occult powers, both of the cosmos, of the planets and stars, of nature and especially of the internal worlds of man himself, are channels of receptivity of cosmic energy.

Sílvio Guerrinha

Versão Portuguesa